WWE is known for its colossal wrestlers, and Mason Ryan is undoubtedly one of them. The Welshman’s strength is unmatched, and his towering height adds to his lethal combination. Ryan has been a significant force in the wrestling world, but not much is known about his struggles, journey, and his life beyond the ring. In this blog, we bring to you an untold story of WWE’s powerful Welshman, shedding light on his life, struggles, and rise to the top.

Unleashing Mason Ryan: The Untold Story of WWE’s Powerful Welshman

1. Early Life and Athletic Career

Mason Ryan, born Barri Griffiths, spent most of his early life in North Wales and was always interested in sports since his childhood. Ryan was particularly passionate about rugby and soccer and played both during his high school days. His athletic built and physique caught the attention of his peers, and Ryan soon realized that he could be a force to reckon with in the world of wrestling.

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Ryan trained hard, honed his skills and began his wrestling career with NWA UK Hammerlock under his real name but soon transitioned to a different persona, which would go on to become known as Mason Ryan.

2. NXT and Debut

In 2010, Ryan signed a developmental contract with WWE and was soon a part of the third season of NXT. Ryan quickly caught the eye of WWE and was mentored by the legendary, The Miz. Ryan’s physical prowess and his impressive strength made him one to watch out for in the ring.

Ryan made his debut on Smackdown in 2011, where he competed against JTG and won convincingly. Ryan’s towering height, strength, and agility made him a fan favorite, and he soon became popular among the wrestling audience.

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3. Rise to Fame

Ryan’s success in Smackdown was just the beginning of his rise to fame. Ryan continued to work hard, improve his skills and was soon a part of some of WWE’s significant pay-per-view events, including Wrestlemania 28. Ryan’s unique build and in-ring performance made him a standout, and he soon became a part of Vince McMahon’s elite group of wrestlers.

4. Struggles and Injuries

Despite his success, Ryan had his fair share of struggles and injuries. Ryan suffered a severe knee injury during a live event, which required surgery and kept him out for months. Ryan worked hard to recover from the injury, but another injury soon followed, this time to his shoulder.

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The injuries not only took a toll on Ryan’s physical health but also affected his mental well-being. Ryan had to take a break from wrestling, and it was a challenging phase for him.

5. Life Beyond the Ring

Ryan is not just a wrestler, but he is also a family man and a devoted father. Ryan has a daughter, and he spends most of his time with her when he is not in the ring. Ryan is also passionate about hunting and often spends his free time enjoying the outdoors.

Ryan’s love for sports has not faded away even after his wrestling career. He coaches young aspiring wrestlers and is training a new generation of wrestlers, passing on his knowledge and skills to them.

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6. Lesser-known Facts about Mason Ryan

– Ryan’s favorite wrestler is The Undertaker.
– Ryan is a music enthusiast and loves listening to heavy metal.
– Ryan’s favorite soccer team is Manchester United.
– Ryan has a tattoo of his daughter’s portrait on his bicep.
– Ryan has appeared in movies like The Marine 4: Moving Target.

7. FAQs

Q1. What is Mason Ryan’s signature move?

A. Ryan has two signature moves, the “Torture Rack” and the “Full Nelson Slam.”

Q2. Has Mason Ryan won any championships?

A. Ryan won the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship once, alongside his partner, Chad Baxter.

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Q3. What was Mason Ryan’s most significant WWE appearance?

A. Ryan’s most significant WWE appearance was at Wrestlemania 28, where he teamed up with Kane and Big Show to take on The Corre.

Q4. What did Mason Ryan do after his wrestling career ended?

A. Ryan has not officially announced his retirement from wrestling, but he is currently pursuing a career as a real estate agent.

Q5. What is Mason Ryan’s height and weight?

A. Mason Ryan is 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 290 pounds.

Q6. What are Mason Ryan’s future plans?

A. Ryan has not revealed any future plans, but he continues to stay involved in the wrestling world by coaching aspiring wrestlers.

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Q7. What is Mason Ryan’s net worth?

A. Mason Ryan’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.


Mason Ryan’s journey to the top of the wrestling world was not an easy one, but his hard work, perseverance, and dedication made him an inspiration to many. His story is a testament to the fact that one can achieve anything with determination and hard work. We hope that this blog helped shed light on the untold story of WWE’s powerful Welshman. If you are a wrestling fan, share your favorite Mason Ryan moment in the comments below.


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