Circular shapes are everywhere. they are everywhere in nature , along with the moon, sun and stars, and they are created by humans in the fields of architecture and art. The circle is the unifying symbol that represents unity, and duration. Circles do not have a beginning or end. They can be used to depict zero, or may represent the whole as the finalization of a concept or message. This is an abstract design which connects us at the most basic level. This makes it the perfect element to use in a creative way as a logo or brand’s identifier.

How do you define a logo?

Logos are the names used to describe an organization, which is represented by an image, text, or graph symbol. The term itself was first used in the 19th century and was a reference to the use of cliches and text in texts by printers. It was only in the 20th century did the word begin to be utilized as a symbol of an organization, brand or even a product.

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A logo with a round shape is an excellent option

Of all the logo designs of which there are many, circular logos are the most appealing as they aid in composing and focusing your message. They let you create the appearance of a “badge” for your brand and help you blend colors and fonts in a manner that expresses your unique brand character.

From technology and government to fast food restaurants and the automobile industry, companies across all business sectors have relied on simple geometric shapes to define their branding. Logos that are instantly recognizable and memorable.

Because of its almost religious symbolism A circular logo has the potential to increase the image of your company in the eyes and the minds of your clients. Here are some stunning circle logos that will be awe-inspiring to you!

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“Meatball” NASA was chosen from a concept created by the design team from the Lewis Research Center. The goal was to create the logo that could be utilized in informal settings and an uncomplicated version of the official NASA seal.


The five intertwined rings in the current Olympic Games logo symbolize the five continents in the world. They are the colors on the rings reflect the colors which appear on flags of every competing nation.

General Electric

GE was established around 1890, by Thomas Edison, and its iconic logo is regarded as one of the most iconic logos ever! There are many variations of the logo over time, however every has always had its stylized, italicized “GE” in a circle.

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The circular design in the GE logo allows the viewer to focus on the central letters. It’s a classic logo that has stood the test of time for many years.

Hewlett Packard

Simple, succinct and universally recognized The HP logo remains virtually unchanged since its creation. HP’s initial letters HP are enclosed by a circular shape with rods for H and P running along the outside. This provides companies with confidence in their reliability and strength.


The Xbox logo to any player and they’ll immediately be able to recognize it. It’s simple and straightforward. The X symbol is “coming out” of the circle. The circle is perfectly contrasted with that striking “X” icon.

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It also differentiates the magazine from the logo that is rectangular that Microsoft’s parent firm uses. There is a theory it’s possible that both it’s possible that the X as well as the circular reflect in the X + B OX magazine. Whatever the motive, it’s elegant, simple and cool enough to entice users of the product.



The WordPress logo is among the most recognized and trusted circular logos which has contributed to the success of the site.

It’s not changed much since its debut in 2003. Its minimalist appearance and color combination reflect the effort of the developers to make a secure easy to use, attractive, and user-friendly Web platform.

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The purpose

The Target logo was first introduced in 1962. Over the years , the bullseye logo has grown to become an extremely well-known symbol across North America. A study from 2003 found that over 96 percent of American consumers know about Target’s striking Red “bullseye” – it’s the “king of the circle” logo!


The Pepsi “globe” logo is one of the most recognized brands in the world and has been a major factor in the success of the brand. The simple, attractive, and easily recognized logo is able to draw people’s interest towards the company’s brand.

Burger King

The Burger King’s “half bun” logo debuted in 1969, and it is being used today. It is comprised of two words “Burger King” indicating meat sandwiched between two buns with a blue circle surrounding the logo. The colors employed (red yellow, red and blue) are arouse appetite.

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The Starbucks Mermaid is among the most well-known logos due to of its round shape with a unique image, as well as serene colors. The logo, which is based on an ancient 16th century wood engraving has been awarded for its innovative design and the intricate details.


The Audi logo is made up of four rings that are connected. They symbolize the four car companies that joined forces to create a modern business.


Circles are a basic shape that connects us spiritually. It’s the perfect shape to design logos that concentrate your message and represent your brand’s personality in a memorable and pertinent manner. This collection of examples of circular logos are some of the most well-known brands across a variety of sectors. If you’re considering the use of a circle as a part of your logo, take these logos as inspiration!

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