Cory Harkey: The Untold Story of a NFL Fan Favorite

As an NFL fan, have you ever admired a player who wasn’t a superstar on The Field but had a significant impact on the game? For the Los Angeles Rams, that player is Cory Harkey. He was never the star player, but fans knew he was always fighting for his team’s victory.


Cory Harkey is a retired NFL player known for his grit, hard work, and determined spirit. Born on June 17, 1989, in Chino, California, Harkey attended UCLA and played for the Bruins. After 4 years in college with UCLA, he went undrafted in 2012 but managed to sign with St. Louis Rams’ practice squad, and the rest is history.

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Early Life

Cory Harkey was born and raised in Chino, California. He was passionate about football from a young age, playing for Chino High School. At UCLA, Harkey played tight end, following in the footsteps of his father, who played for the University of Pacific. He had a fantastic college career, totaling 58 receptions, 629 receiving yards, and five touchdowns.

NFL Career

After going undrafted in 2012, Cory Harkey signed with the St. Louis Rams’ practice squad. Eventually, he earned a spot on the active roster and became a valuable member of the team. Harkey played in St. Louis for four seasons before heading to the Los Angeles Rams when the team moved to LA in 2016. Harkey spent his last two seasons with the Rams before retiring in 2018.

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The Impact of Cory Harkey

Cory Harkey’s impact on the Rams could not be measured only by statistics. He was a team player whose work ethic inspired other players to work harder. He was known for his toughness on the field and spent most of his career as a blocking tight end, which helped the team’s running game succeed.

Life After Football

After his retirement in 2018, Cory Harkey returned to UCLA to complete his bachelor’s degree. He also began coaching at his alma mater, Chino High School, before transferring to a job with the Rams as an offensive quality control coach in 2020.

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1. What college did Cory Harkey attend?
Cory Harkey played college football for the UCLA Bruins.

2. What position did Cory Harkey play in the NFL?
Cory Harkey played tight end in the NFL.

3. Which team did Cory Harkey retire from?
Cory Harkey retired after spending his last two seasons with the Los Angeles Rams.

4. What is Cory Harkey doing now?
After retiring, Cory Harkey completed his bachelor’s degree at UCLA and began coaching at Chino High School. He now works as an offensive quality control coach for the Rams.

5. Did Cory Harkey ever make the Pro Bowl or All-Pro?
No, Cory Harkey was never selected to the Pro Bowl or All-Pro teams.

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6. Was Cory Harkey ever a starting tight end in the NFL?
No, Cory Harkey mainly played special teams and as a blocking tight end.

7. How did Cory Harkey impact the Rams?
Cory Harkey’s work ethic, toughness, and blocking ability made him a valuable team player whose impact can’t be measured only by statistics.


Cory Harkey may never have been a superstar, but his impact on the Rams and the NFL world can’t be underestimated. He played the game with grit, determination, and a work ethic that inspired those around him. Harkey’s story proves that even if you don’t become a star player, working hard and being a team player can bring you success in different ways.

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