Breaking Barriers: The Inspiring Journey of Molly Schaus

Molly Schaus is an Olympic silver medalist, former professional ice hockey goaltender, and a trailblazer in women’s sports. Born on July 29, 1988, in Natick, Massachusetts, Molly’s passion for hockey started when she was only five years old. Despite facing several challenges and obstacles, Molly persevered and became one of the most respected and accomplished female ice hockey players in the world.

Read on to learn about Molly’s journey, the barriers she broke, and the legacy she has established, inspiring young girls and athletes everywhere to follow their dreams.

Early Life

Molly grew up in Natick, Massachusetts, where she caught the ice hockey bug at a young age. When she was five, her older brother introduced her to the sport by showing her the ropes in the family driveway. A natural athlete, Molly took to the sport quickly and began playing regularly with boys’ teams.

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Despite not having many girls to play with, Molly excelled on the ice. She trained hard and was determined to become a professional ice hockey goaltender. Molly’s passion for the sport was unbreakable, and it was this passion that would push her to break barriers and accomplish things that many believed were impossible.

College Career

Molly attended Boston College, where she played for the Eagles women’s ice hockey team. During her college career, Molly set numerous records, including the NCAA all-time leader in saves and a career record of 114 wins. She became known for her fierce competitiveness and her ability to remain calm under pressure, earning the nickname “Cool Hand Moll.”

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During her senior year, Molly helped lead the Eagles to their first NCAA championship, making an incredible 49 saves in the final game against Wisconsin. This victory was a culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Professional Career

Molly’s impressive college career caught the attention of the United States Women’s National Team, where she would go on to become one of the most decorated goaltenders in U.S. women’s ice hockey history. She won multiple world championships with the team and was a part of two Olympic teams, earning a silver medal at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

After retiring from international play, Molly continued her ice hockey career by playing professionally in Europe. She played for teams in Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany, becoming the first American woman to play in the Swedish women’s league.

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Breaking Barriers

Throughout her career, Molly faced several challenges and barriers as a female athlete. Women’s ice hockey was not widely recognized, and opportunities for female ice hockey players were limited compared to their male counterparts. Despite this, Molly remained determined and continued to pave the way for future female hockey players.

Molly’s success as a goaltender, both domestically and internationally, helped bring attention to women’s ice hockey, increasing opportunities for female athletes to play and develop in the sport. She also became a vocal advocate for women in sports, promoting equality and inclusivity for all athletes.


1. What awards has Molly Schaus won?

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Molly Schaus has won numerous awards throughout her ice hockey career, including two Olympic medals (one silver and one bronze) and multiple world championships with the United States Women’s National Team. She was also named the Hockey East Goaltender of the Year twice and was a finalist for the Patty Kazmaier Award, given annually to the top women’s college ice hockey player.

2. What was Molly Schaus’ nickname?

Molly Schaus’ nickname was “Cool Hand Moll,” which was given to her during her college career at Boston College. She was known for her calm demeanor and her ability to remain composed under pressure.

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3. What barriers did Molly Schaus face as a female ice hockey player?

As a female ice hockey player, Molly Schaus faced several barriers, including limited opportunities compared to males and a lack of recognition for women’s ice hockey. Molly’s success and advocacy helped bring attention to these issues and helped pave the way for future female hockey players.

4. What teams did Molly Schaus play for professionally?

Molly Schaus played professionally for teams in Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany after retiring from the United States Women’s National Team. She became the first American woman to play in the Swedish women’s league.

5. What did Molly Schaus accomplish during her college career?

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During her college career, Molly Schaus set numerous records, including the NCAA all-time leader in saves and a career record of 114 wins. She also helped lead the Boston College Eagles to their first NCAA championship during her senior year.

6. What has Molly Schaus done to promote equality in sports?

Molly Schaus has been a vocal advocate for equality in sports, promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities for all athletes. She has also worked with organizations that promote female empowerment and has spoken at events advocating for women in sports.

7. What legacy has Molly Schaus established?

Molly Schaus has established a legacy as a trailblazer in women’s ice hockey and as an advocate for women in sports. Her perseverance, dedication, and success have inspired young girls and athletes everywhere to follow their dreams and pursue their passions.

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Molly Schaus is an inspiration to all athletes, especially young girls who may be facing similar obstacles and challenges as she did. Her passion for ice hockey, relentless pursuit of excellence, and advocacy for women’s sports have helped pave the way for future generations of female athletes.

As we celebrate Molly’s legacy and accomplishments, let her story remind us that we can overcome any obstacle and break any barrier if we remain determined, work hard, and stay true to ourselves. So let’s follow in Molly’s footsteps, break barriers, and create a more inclusive and equal world for all athletes.


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