Paige Sangster is an exceptional woman with a bundle of intriguing facts that will leave you fascinated. She is a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer who has made a name for herself in the industry. In this blog, we will examine ten fascinating facts about Paige Sangster and provide a sneak peek into her life. Let’s dive in!

Section 1: Early Life and Education

Paige Sangster was born on July 7 in Toronto, Canada. She grew up in a small town called Newmarket, where she began dancing at the age of three. She continued to take dance classes throughout her childhood and eventually pursued a degree in dance from York University.

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Section 2: Career in Dancing

Paige Sangster has an extensive career in dancing. She has performed on many renowned stages such as Lion King in Germany, Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas, and many more. In addition, she has performed at numerous live music events, such as the Juno Awards Show. Paige has also choreographed dance routines for music videos and many corporate events.

Section 3: Teaching Career

Paige Sangster is a well-known dance teacher in the industry. One of her most significant accomplishments includes being one of the primary teachers at Canada’s leading performing arts school, Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts. She has trained numerous students, some of whom have secured significant roles on Broadway, television, and film.

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Section 4: Personal Life

Paige Sangster is a vegetarian and an advocate for animal rights. She regularly volunteers at an animal shelter and has even adopted a dog named Rodeo. Paige is also passionate about travelling and has visited over 20 countries worldwide.

Section 5: Awards and Recognition

Paige Sangster has been recognized for her outstanding performances and contributions to the dance industry. She was a finalist in World Dance Movement choreography competition and has been nominated for several awards.

Section 6: Philanthropy

Paige Sangster believes in giving back to the community. She has been associated with numerous charitable organizations and has raised funds by performing at benefit concerts. Paige regularly volunteers at a dance program for underprivileged children and mentors young artists.

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Section 7: Hobbies and Interests

Paige Sangster has diverse hobbies and interests. She loves cooking and experimenting with new recipes. Paige is also a fitness enthusiast and practices yoga regularly. She enjoys reading books of all genres and watching movies in her free time.


Q1: What is Paige Sangster’s main profession?

A1: Paige Sangster is a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer.

Q2: Where did Paige Sangster grow up?

A2: Paige Sangster grew up in Newmarket, a small town located in Toronto, Canada.

Q3: Has Paige Sangster won any awards?

A3: Yes, Paige Sangster has been nominated for several dance awards, and was a finalist in the World Dance Movement choreography competition.

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Q4: What is Paige Sangster’s advice for aspiring dancers?

A4: Paige’s advice is to work hard, stay focused, and never give up on your dreams.

Q5: What are Paige Sangster’s hobbies?

A5: Paige Sangster loves cooking, practicing yoga, reading books of all genres, and watching movies in her free time.

Q6: What is Paige Sangster’s television experience?

A6: Paige Sangster has appeared on many live television shows such as the Juno Awards Show.

Q7: Does Paige Sangster support animal welfare?

A7: Yes, Paige Sangster is an advocate for animal rights and is a vegetarian.


In conclusion, Paige Sangster is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, and teacher, who has touched the hearts of many through her performances and charitable work. These ten fascinating facts barely scratch the surface of her incredible life. We hope you learned something new about this remarkable woman. If you are an aspiring dancer, take heed of her advice and follow your dreams with dedication and hard work.

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